Sunday, July 4, 2010

Predatators In A Shopping Mall

Hope you all still remember the movie Snakes on a Plane.

I still remember reading somewhere when to expect snakes in your plane and the top tip was when you find Samuel L Jackson in business class. LOL!!

Back to my point of the post..Well my encounter today was close to that of snakes in a plane, only thing it wasn't in a plane and nor the snakes were involved. It was in a larger area, Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka to be exact and much more dangerous creature than the snakes, its the PREDATORS!!! From the movie made famous back in 1987 by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A lot of people were terrified with these creatures suddenly appearing behind them.

The Predator on a escalator

The predator not too happy with me taking its photo and thus getting ready to attack me

It came closer, looked me in the eyes and walked off. Guess it saw another Arnold Schwarzenegger in me

But I had other ideas. Managed to stoop it in its tracks to take a picture with it. It fearfully obliged.

Check out the lase from its right eye getting ready to attack the photographer which is why the picture turned out so bad. The photographer was trembling with fear

I was wondering what in the hell these creatures were doing going up every floor in Dataran Pahlawan. That was until I reached the cinema and saw this

They were actually there to see their 'close relatives' in action in the new resurrected Predators film. But they went back disappointed because they were a week early for the screening of the film.

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