Sunday, July 4, 2010

Predatators In A Shopping Mall

Hope you all still remember the movie Snakes on a Plane.

I still remember reading somewhere when to expect snakes in your plane and the top tip was when you find Samuel L Jackson in business class. LOL!!

Back to my point of the post..Well my encounter today was close to that of snakes in a plane, only thing it wasn't in a plane and nor the snakes were involved. It was in a larger area, Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka to be exact and much more dangerous creature than the snakes, its the PREDATORS!!! From the movie made famous back in 1987 by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A lot of people were terrified with these creatures suddenly appearing behind them.

The Predator on a escalator

The predator not too happy with me taking its photo and thus getting ready to attack me

It came closer, looked me in the eyes and walked off. Guess it saw another Arnold Schwarzenegger in me

But I had other ideas. Managed to stoop it in its tracks to take a picture with it. It fearfully obliged.

Check out the lase from its right eye getting ready to attack the photographer which is why the picture turned out so bad. The photographer was trembling with fear

I was wondering what in the hell these creatures were doing going up every floor in Dataran Pahlawan. That was until I reached the cinema and saw this

They were actually there to see their 'close relatives' in action in the new resurrected Predators film. But they went back disappointed because they were a week early for the screening of the film.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blame it on the Japanese

I know I have not been updating as much as I used to. Don't blame me. Let me tell you my side of the story.

Initially, after Deepavali, I was rotting in Melaka until the end of December. So I had nothing much to update on. Then on the 17th of December, I went for an interview to this Japanese company, MW and I was immediately offered a job there as a Procurement Engineer and was told to report for work the following week itself.

As all my stuffs were still stranded in my Sunway room, that weekend itself I had to rush to Sunway and pack all the things that I have been accumulating for the past 6years, throw them in whatever bags I can find, and bring them back to Melaka.

With such short notice, I didn't even manage to meet up with most of my friends there :-(

On the 22nd of December 2009, I reported for work and since that very day, I barely have time for myself.

My 'official' working hours are from 7.30am to 6.30pm except for Mondays and Wednesdays. I exempted this two days not because I get to go to work like most of the others do at 8am but on this two days, I must be at work by 6.30am.

BLODDY 6.30am!!! Get there for early morning meeting where the managing director will shout at everyone. Then we exercise in front of the company with employees from other companies looking and thinking, "what are those retards up to?"

And I usually come back from work after 8pm. In my appointment letter, it was clearly stated that I should work no more than 72 hours a week. Wonder if I can sue them.

By the time I get back from work, I will be totally exhausted. I only have time to take bath, eat , rest for bout an hour before I hit the bed at around 11pm. As a result i even gained some weight due to lack of exercise and sleeping straight after meal.

And to make matters worst, my current job description has got nothing to do with what have studied. People have already advised me to leave the company as soon as possible so that I won't forget my engineering stuffs.

And I took up their advise and started to look for a new job. And thank god I was called for an interview for this German company MU.

After 3 interviews within the company, I was offered the position of assembly engineer.

Well at least now my working hours are from 8.30am to 6.30pm unlike 6.30am to 6.30pm.

And I have also joined my new colleagues for futsal sessions as well. The best part, it was sponsored by the company.

Hopefully, I can get more time for myself and to update my blog more often.

Wish me luck on my new job.

Bye Bye Japan, Hello Germany..

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Unexpected Greeting

This year, Deepavali was a little different from the previous few years. Ever since I left home to study in Taylor's then Monash, I have never had the privilege to come back home to celebrate this special day with my parents thanks to the smart people in Cambridge and Australia that insist on having exams during Deepavali.

Since I have graduated now, I was able to celebrate it with my loved ones. It was just like any other day I would say except for the oil bath and the shows shown in TV.

Every year my dad receives Deepavali greeting cards from his friends. Every year it is gradually decreasing as more people are opting for the call/sms method. As expected, a few greeting cards came after Deepavali the following Monday. As I was browsing through the envelopes, I found this:

What?! A greeting card for me?!!!

And I got excited. It is not always I get greeting cards you know. Some more can write my name just as in my identification card.

I removed the envelope,

Not a bad looking card eh..

I flipped open the card

Upon closer inspection

WHAT!!! The Melaka Ketua Menteri himself signed and sent me a greeting card?

Looking at the card, my dad became tak puas hati because I got a greeting card from a VIP and he didn't.

And so he did some Sherlock Holmes work and came to the conclusion that I received the card because I am a registered voter and I live in the area where the Ketua Menteri runs for election every 5 years. So you know where I am going rite? Or maybe he even knows who I voted for for the election last year around. Hehehe..

As I stared at the card longer, I burst into laughter. Wanna know why?

His signature is so funny...As though he hates his own self.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A few weeks back I was in India visiting my relatives. For the uninformed, I am only the 2nd generation living in Malaysia and I have relatives everywhere I turn in India. Just for the record, I have relatives occupying a whole village in India. That is roughly 30 families all in the area of 100 meter squared

But that wasn't a problem for me. It was their lifestyle that I find very hard to adapt to. So to give you some hints on what I went through, I have compiled some facts about India that you will definitely not find in your itinerary when visiting India.

Kissing in public is strictly prohibited

In Malaysia, sometime you can get lucky and people won't notice it. But in India, people are everywhere and you better not push your luck. It is taboo there.

Pissing in public? Sure go ahead. Anywhere you like

Since toilets are very limited over there, you can see people answering nature's call like they have just got a call from their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Road usage

- They drive on the freaking wrong side of the road.

- The most important component in a vehicle is horn

They sound the horn for basically everything: overtaking, entering a corner, exiting a corner. Heck they even sound horn when they are nearing a railway track as though the train is going to slow down for them to pass.

- Priorities in road

1. Cows

If you bang a cow, there are a few possibilities that might occur
~ You die from the accident and the cow walks away as though nothing had happened.
~ Both the cow and you die from the accident.
~ The cow dies and you will be alive for a little longer before the cow owner comes and kill you

So no matter what happens, you will still die.

2. Goats

The same reasoning as the cows

3. Vehicles

It is like riot everyday. I have no idea how they can drive over there. I remember there was one time on the busy main road, we were looking for a landmark and we missed it. The driver just coolly makes a u-turn at the busy street. I as a passenger almost died from cardiac arrest.

4. Pedestrians

I'm guessing since the population there is overflowing, so the importance given to pedestrians is almost zero.


Since for most people, the public is the toilet, public toilets are rare commodities over there. Even if you do find one, it will not be clean. Believe me, it was nightmare every time I went to these public toilets as they are dirty beyond imaginable. After thinking long and hard, I have decided not to post the picture of the toilet that I have got.

Now that you know something about India, I would like to wish Happy Holidays and enjoy your stay there to anyone who is intending on visiting India. I hope my guide gave you some insight about India to prepare you for the trip.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Project Alpha

Russell Peters once said (sounds like he's some big shot politician), "we (Indians) need the f******* deodorant".

How true!

Me being an Indian, am no different from others. Sweating has become part and parcel of me.

I sweat just as easy as 1,2,3. Yes..I am not kidding. Just say 1,2,3 and I am already perspiring and soon after expiring. That is how bad my sweating problem is.

I still remember a few months back when I used to walk to my university that is about a kilometer away from the place I stay, I would have been bathed in sweat by the time I reach my classroom.

Maybe they saw me entering their campus

Of course sweating is no comfort. My self esteem is affected *ahem* and I stink (I am sure some of my friends would say I stink all the time but that is so untrue).

It is not like I have not done anything to lessen the effect, it is just that nothing worked for me. Some worked but left white stains on my beloved football jerseys.

Looks as though I did something naughty with my clothes

Since I am into sports and sports apparels, I make it a habit to drop by any sports shops that I come across wherever whenever I go. That is when I saw this

The Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant. It caught my attention because all that you can see in Adidas stores in Malaysia are some shirts and shoes. This was something different.

Out of curiosity, I bought one, the Adidas Action 3 Fresh for the price of RM16.90. I have to say, I am quite impressed with its design as well as performance so far.

If you compare to other deodorant available in the market, the price is not that cheap. But believe me, it makes up for the quality it delivers.

First of all, this is the first of its kind that does not have a cap/cover that goes along with the can. This allows people like me to just 'grab-n-spray' instead of 'grab-remove-spray-n-replace'. Now you know why I call myself slacker.

The spray knob can be pressed without much trouble or force and without smearing my fingers.

And it also claims that it will avoid any whitening stains on the clothes. So far I have not encountered any problem from using this. So it must be true.

I personally like the smell. Not too strong not too light. Just nice I would say.

I've always had this bad habit of doing the research after purchasing the product. Some regrettable and some not. I came back home and went online to check about this product and found out the ambassador for this product is none other than Petr Cech himself.

His advertisement cracked me up when he talks at the end of the ad.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something that changed my life

It never really occurred to me how important a graduation carries until the date of 5th Sept 2009, where I walked (more like rushed -shd have taken 'how to walk macho' crash course with Vj) to the stage to receive my scroll from the hands of Monash Chancellor.

It was the most memorable and proud moment in my life thus far. After more than 17 years enduring the education system in Malaysia, it was a token to appreciate the hard work that I have put into becoming who I am today.

Of course I wouldn't have reached this far without the help of my parents, lovely sister and great friends who have been there for me when I need them most. You know who you are. For that I am truly grateful.

It also hit me that I am no longer a student. Its a different ball game from now on. I am stepping foot into a different world, the working world (hopefully someone will be there to hire me).

Till I get a new job, I plan to cherish this graduation moment.

Operasi buang topi

Don't ask me what is Zhou doing behind me

I wonder where I left my certificate?

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Than Just Music

*Since I have a few friends who check this blog at their workplace, the following post is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)*

When I was a kid growing up (Yes..I have stopped least in height), I listen to Hip Hop musics a lot. And Hip Hop songs are so famous for the vulgarity as well as the hot chicks shaking what they're momma gave them. Due to that reasons, i have gotten the wrath of my parents countless of times, even till now. Whenever I watch these songs being played in the TV, my mom will go like, "I am so going to discontinue this Astro package (referring to the variety package)!!". Well let's just say that my mom has a very good sense of humor.

Hip Hop is not only about vulgar lyrics and hot girls. When you do/can catch the lyrics, they have very good message embedded in it.

Hip Hop acts as a catalyst in giving children the early form of education especially to us, males. No I am not making this up. I have evidence to back my statement.

For example, the latest Pitbull song teaches you how to count not only in English but also in Spanish. How good is that? You get to learn to count in 2 different languages!

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas teaches not only to count backwardsbut also spell out words such as delicious, tasty and her own name Fergie. To catch you off guard, Will-i-am purposely spells the word tasty as T-A-S-T-E-Y to see if you are really paying attention and learning something.

To the parents out there, do not deprive your children of these early precious education Hip Hop has to offer. And if your children do not have any interest in studying, do not bore them with the lectures such as, "You can have a lot of money when you study hard now". Just show them this video and see how pumped up they are to study and excel in life.

My favourite rapper, Kanye West has even identified that all studies and no play is ain't gonna do any good. So he came up with this song to encourage not only children but everyone to keep fit.

So to the parents out there, don't get angry when your children is indulged into Hip Hop. They are just looking for the spark to enlighten them. So do encourage them to watch and hear more Hip Hop songs. The I love you, you love me is so outdated, you have to be on par with what music has to offer to the growth of your children.

I especially like the way he teaches summation of numbers in this video.